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Step into Web 3.0 with us, we turn your ideas into NFT & Metaverse projects.

Our Vision

Stand out from the crowd. Seize the Metaverse and NFT opportunities within your market.

Are you interested in creating your NFT project, enhancing your knowledge, or implementing your brand in a sustainable way in the Metaverse?

Metag3ncy helps companies, associations, artists, web entrepreneurs and individuals with the strategy, development, coaching and launch of their Web 3.0 projects

Be a visionary, get on board, and see you on the other side.

Our Expertise


We support brands in the development of their NFT/Metaverse project. We co-construct innovative strategies tailored to ensure the success of your project.


With its experience in blockchain investments, Metag3ncy offers you tailor-made coaching to develop your knowledge in Web3, Metaverse, NFT.

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Having an engaged community is a must in an NFT or Metaverse project. We have a strong understanding of organic growth on platforms such as Twitter and Discord, which will perfectly fit our marketing strategies.


With over $12M already raised for our clients and thanks to our expertise, our Metaverse and NFT agency is best placed to ensure the safe launch of your project using the best technologies available on the market. We were, and will continue to be, the frontrunners.


The promotion of NFT projects has no secrets for us. We have extensive experience on Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Youtube, but also press releases and influencers & ambassadors research.
Our experts will design impactful ROI driven campaigns that will bring your ambitions into the spotlight.

Our team is expert in creating unique projects in the Metaverse and NFT. We provide the best artists in the industry to bring your ideas to life and make them shine.

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Our Free Ebook


You will learn:
  • The unique strategies we used to raise more than $12M for our clients
  • Why nearly 99% of all minted NFTs fail to sell out their project (and the four critical steps that will put you in the 1%)
  • Why you should avoid at all costs Mass DMs, Influencers and Giveaways
  • How Invisible Friends, Imaginary Ones, and all other multi-million dollar NFT projects succeed through unique marketing strategies, innovative designs and community-building
And much, much more. Just tell us where to send your free copy.


The world is changing and evolving. Enterprise adoption of NFTs is increasing and economic trends project the market to grow to $80 billion by 2025.

NFTs and the Metaverse offer new opportunities to stand out, surprise your target audience and reinforce the feeling of belonging to a brand and a community.

As these technologies are favoured by leading artists, companies and entrepreneurs, you will significantly differentiate yourself from your competition by enhancing your current offering with Web3 solutions.

NFTs have been around since 2014 and have long been ignored. Since spring 2021, the adoption of NFTs has been very successful, resulting in a trading volume of €17 billion in 2021.

This rapid adoption and favourable market conditions make NFTs attractive, but many companies have not yet seized the opportunity.

Launching an NFT or Metaverse project is therefore a sure way to position yourself on a cutting-edge trend while diversifying your offer.

Whether you want to discover, launch or invest in NFTs and the Metaverse, our tailor-made coaching programmes are adapted to all profiles, from beginner to expert.

With its experience, Metag3ncy will help you from A to Z in the launch of your project on the basis of a clear and efficient process. Discover the steps of the Metag3ncy experience:
– D1: Discovery call
During an initial call, our goal will be to identify your needs as best as possible before they are analysed by our team.

– D+3: In-house Strategy Round
Our team will organise a strategy meeting to analyse your project situation, establish a tailor-made package taking into account the challenges and opportunities of your market.

– D+5: Presenting our roadmap and offer
During a follow up call, we will present you our strategy to make your project a success, and explain to you the reasons that led us to offer you this strategy, but above all what makes it unique.

– Within 48 hours of approval: Beginning of our collaboration

Once you accept our proposal, our collaboration will start right away. A detailed timeline will be presented to you including the main milestones but also the proposed dates for holding our strategy meetings.

If you are a total beginner in the world of NFTs and the Metaverse, don’t worry, we help individuals and companies to discover these new technologies with our tailor-made approach and our 360° strategic consulting services on more complex projects. Also, our projects are always based on co-creation: You will bring your knowledge of the business to the table, we’ll bring our expertise on new technologies. Together, we will think about innovative solutions to co-create an original project that makes sense and that will allow us to reach your goals.

The metaverse is a common digital space that combines virtual and physical reality. In this new world, it is possible to buy, sell and use digital assets, the NFTs, which can be certified digital replicas of existing products in the real world or new virtual inventions.

NFTs act as a title deed in the metaverse and will offer many more utilities in the future.

As the founders of the agency have been true pioneers in several fields for over 10 years, you will be in safe hands with Metag3cny, which specialises solely in the Metaverse and NFTs industry, unlike a generalist agency. Our teams have worked with and raised over $12 million for internationally recognised companies, all thanks to our cutting edge expertise

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